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Represented by Mr Gabriel Ghete, Dipl. Ing. – Managing Director

Abatorului nr. 2
RO 555300 Cisnădie, jud. Sibiu
Phone: +40 (269) 56 48 42
Fax: +40 (269) 56 34 75

E-Mail: gabriel.ghete@biotechnik-romania.de

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Under certain conditions, S.C. BIOTECHNIK S.R.L. grants the non-transferable right to use the web site of S.C. BIOTECHNIK S.R.L. in order to create a link to our homepage: http://www.biotechnik.ro or http://www.biotechnik.rdslink.ro/.
You must obtain the consent for creating a link beforehand by applying via mail to: gabriel.ghete@biotechnik-romania.de. This e-mail address is protected against spam bots. In order to see the e-mail address, you must active Javascript.
S.C. BIOTECHNIK S.R.L. reserves the right to examine the web sites on which the link shall be created. The right for creating a link can be conferred in an informal manner (via mail) and cancelled in just such an informal manner at anytime. The created link must result in a complete new loading of the web site to which the link refers.
If a logo of S.C. BIOTECHNIK S.R.L. has been made available for the creating of the link, it is not permitted to change the logo or use it in any other way.
If the content of the web sites which have been granted the accepted link should change fundamentally or if the link is to be created at another place within the sphere of influence of the applicant, there must be a new application for the right to create a link.
On no account do we permit a link to web sites containing content that is illegal, offensive, misleading, defamatory, or containing adults-only content.

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